Meeting of the SMART Group – Scion House, Stirling

Present: Helen Cheyne (HC), Emma Coles (EC), Ruth Deery (RD), Caroline Hollins-Martin (CHM), Rhona McInnes (RM), Jean Rankin (JR), Andrew Symon (AS).
Apologies: Tracy Humphrey, Mary Renfrew, Heather Whitford.
Teleconferencing: Helen Bryers (HB).

Review of maternity services

At the last meeting, Ann Holmes (AH) had suggested that the group produce a paper for the review, but further information about the review has not been forthcoming as yet. HB noted that she had recently received an email about the review group (chair Jane Grant, NHS Forth Valley), on which there five midwifery representatives, including Mary Renfrew, and forthcoming consultation events. On behalf of the group, HC will contact AH to ask that the group be kept ‘in the loop’ regarding the review.

AS & HB had attended the Lead Midwives meeting, which was given over to three sub- groups to inform the review; from the models of care group came a multi-disciplinary healthcare/social ‘communitarian’ (community-based) approach. Papers from the Lead Midwives meeting will be forthcoming, including a template for taking forward the midwifery elements of the review.

AS discussed his models of care briefing paper, which pulls together recent policy and key research. The group then discussed continuity of care; CHM briefed the group on her new grant for three projects in NHS Lothian, one of which is continuity of care. She will link in with AS to avoid duplication. This also fits in with the work John Bowers (JB) is doing for the group on continuity of care – HC noted that JB has drafted a questionnaire which she will circulate to the group; she will invite JB to the next meeting.

Ruth Deery: clinical supervision and midwifery

RD updated the group on her current work on implementation of clinical supervision models in midwifery. The group discussed various ways to take the research forward, including funding sources (the Health Foundation, RCM), and what potential supervision models would look like, particularly with regard to costs. RD will be presenting at the supervision taskforce meeting at the end of October, HB will also be in attendance to represent the group.

Project updates

HC noted that 1⁄2 page updates would be required from all so that a progress report can be sent to the CNO; she will also check what format is required for final reporting. McTempo (AS): An NIHR bid was planned but the 1st deadline was too tight so instead an outline bid for 6 month of preparatory work will be submitted. A framework paper is currently out for review with BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. The taxonomy paper is being reworked A third paper will focus on a meta-analysis of neonatal outcomes in midwifery-led care.

Alcopreg (AS): Finished last month with good recruitment and some interesting findings. Three papers are anticipated; the first is almost completed, and will be sent to Addiction. AS presented findings at the recent International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) Congress in Dundee, and on the back of this, will host and present findings at the Scottish Alcohol Research Network in May. HC suggested AS could present findings at a future SMART meeting.

Early years interventions to improve child wellbeing and reduce inequalities (HC/EC):

The review framework, based on GIRFEC, is complete. EC has designed a set of data extraction forms which are undergoing testing. A critical analysis paper on GIRFEC is almost complete. HC/EC are meeting with project collaborator Brigid Daniel on 19/10 so will circulate a further update to the group after that date.


Use of funding: AS queried whether individual project underspend could be used for publications or other project-related costs. HC clarified that the project budgets were based on researcher costs plus other expenses, but with flexibility so that the project leader could develop their own budget based on that funding.